Chicago. The ultimate guide to the Windy City


Did you know that Chicago is the third biggest city in the United States after New York and Los Angeles?
It has a population of 2,719 million and enough attractions to satisfy the 50.2 million tourists who come here every year.

If you will soon be one of those tourists bear in mind that when travelling to the Windy City, there are certain things you are not allowed to miss. Here are some of the things you must do if you are around: Continue reading “Chicago. The ultimate guide to the Windy City”


8 Reasons to visit Paris. The City of Love

Paris, is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, and it is also said to be the city of light and the city of love. Paris is the capital of France and the largest city of the country.

It is known for its charming streets, for the museums, for the cathedrals, for the good food, art, architecture, music and more. For example… Continue reading “8 Reasons to visit Paris. The City of Love”

Medieval Adventures at Dover Castle

I love history and I have a particular fascination for the Middle Ages. This is why whenerver it comes to exploring a medieval castel like Dover Castle, I get super excited. If you like old castles just as much as I do, keep reading 🙂

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