Best Meal in Bologna

We all know that Italian food rules, but you can’t put all Italian food under the same “umbrella” and simply label it as Italian food because the traditional cuisine differs very much from region to region. For example, specialities in the north contain a lot of meats and especially mince, while traditional food in the south contains sea food.

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5 Places that will change your perspective on life

1. Monaco – An insight to the life of the rich and famous.

The proper name is The Principate of Monaco because it is actually an independent state located between France and the Mediterranean Sea and it is the second smallest country in the world, after the Vatican. Located on one of the most beautiful coasts in the world, the French Riviera, Monaco is called Europe’s Playground for the Richfor a reason. The principate is famous mainly for its touristic zone, Monte Carlo where nothing seems too expensive for its residents. Continue reading “5 Places that will change your perspective on life”

Top 10 Ski Resorts to Visit this Winter

It’s official – sweater weather it is here. Christmas is definitely the highlight of the cold season but what other things do we love about winter? Mulled wine, ice skating, hot chocolate, skiing and snowboarding right? Prepare a hot chocolate, wrap up in a cosy blanket and check out the top 10 “hottest” ski resorts you should visit this winter. Continue reading “Top 10 Ski Resorts to Visit this Winter”

8 Reasons why Florence is my Favourite City

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20 Things to See in Bologna

My sister liked Bologna so much she wants to go to move there. I would like to move there too but I don’t know Italian so holidays will have to suffice. Bologna is a small city with a lot of charm.

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