5 Reasons to go on a family vacation

“I think togetherness is a very important ingredient to family life” (Barbara Bush). This is why moments when you get to bond with the dear ones are the key to a happy family.  Continue reading “5 Reasons to go on a family vacation”


Reasons to Visit Lapland in 2017

Lapland, the largest and most northern region of Finland, is notonly a natural paradise which includes eight national parks but it is also the home of the beloved Santa Clause. And here is why: the first snow falls over Lapland around the end of August (August!!!) or beginning of September and we know how much Rudolf, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer and Vixen love snow. Apart from Santa’s workshop there are many other reasons to visit Lapland. Here is a list of our favourites: Continue reading “Reasons to Visit Lapland in 2017”

Europe’s Best Christmas Markets

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Britain’s Top Christmas Markets

What are the first things that come into your mind when you think about Britain? Big Ban, Buckingham Palace, red buses, rain, British accents, royals, and cute telephone cabins I would guess. Add Christmas markets on the list too, as Britain will surprise you with markets which are held in the most historic and iconic places. Continue reading “Britain’s Top Christmas Markets”

Switzerland’s Top Christmas Markets

While Christmas is becoming more and more commercial in many countries, luckily Switzerland is staying loyal to tradition. Swiss Christmas usually lasts from the beginning of Advent to the end of Epiphany (so from around the end of November until the beginning of January). On the 1st of December children will open the first window of their Advent calendar to find a yummy treat, each week families will light one candle on the Advent wreath until Christmas Day and on Christmas Eve they will ornate the Christmas tree with lit candles, a tradition which dates back to the 16th Century. Let’s see what happens in terms of Christmas markets.

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15 Reasons why Greece is your Monday Motivation

I need some Monday motivation and I am sure you need some too unless you are rich so here is a nice list for everyone. Enjoy and work hard to see these places, it’s totally worth it! Continue reading “15 Reasons why Greece is your Monday Motivation”

France’s Top Christmas Markets

How can the Christmas markets hosted by a country which has some of the best food and wines in the world, be less than superb? But wait, the good news don’t stop here! There are some French Christmas markets that are even better than the average (which is quite high anyway). Now close your eyes and dream of roaming around the stylish Parisian streets, feeling the cinnamon in the air while you are drinking vin chaud (mulled wine) in the sound of Christmas songs. What a beautiful dream…but have a look at the list below and hopefully the dream will turn into reality.

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Why & How to Subscribe

I know that most of the sites you visit these days ask you to subscribe, to leave your email for this and that and most of the time your email address gets sold to advertisers and you end up having so much spam email in your inbox that you don’t know what to do with it. But listen. This blog is nothing like that. Here is why you should subscribe: Continue reading “Why & How to Subscribe”

54 Reasons to visit Provence

Provence is certainly one of the most visited regions of France. It is easy to figure out why if you look at pictures, videos or if you experience the region by yourself. It offers unlimited things to do and the attractions are varied, from the luxurious city of Monte Carlo and Saint-Tropez to adrenaline loaded canoe tours and to peaceful medieval cities, unending purple fields of lavender and quality food, olive oil and wine. If you are thinking about taking a trip to Provence, take a look at the list below. Take a look at the list below and plan your holiday wisely to be able to see and experience as many attractions that will take your breath away. (I will publish detailed information about the main cities of Provence in separate blog posts, so hit the follow button to be notified when that is published) Continue reading “54 Reasons to visit Provence”