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My travel blog came to live for the first time in February 2014. At that time, five months after I moved all by myself from Romania to England I discovered a love for travel so I wanted to combine my new hobby with my all-time passion: writing. After three years of living in the UK and travelling between England, Romania (to visit my family) and the USA (visit my boyfriend) my values changed, my writing style got better and I knew that I could offer something better to my readers. Therefore, in September 2016 I rebranded and relaunched my blog under the Holiday of my Mind logo.

Mission statement

The only travel blog which writes specifically about finding the dream holiday for young people from all over the world who want to take a break from being a student, employee, debt payer, managing house chores all while struggling to figure out what they want to do in life in an era of crappy jobs and financial crisis.

I hate it when I hear older generations talk about how lazy millennials are. In a world where going into higher education costs a fortune, in a world where in order to afford a place to live or just to live you need to put your values and goals on hold so you can sell your time to a grumpy boss in return for a low income, us millennials work just as hard as the generations before us. Are you with me?! Let’s keep in touch!

This is why I want to encourage the young generation to have the courage to adventure into the unknown, open their minds and hearts, create opportunities for themselves and to go after what they deserve all while having a good time and leaving their worries behind.


I want to be the voice which tells my readers you can, you deserve better, don’t sell yourself cheap, you can do whatever you want, chaise that dream job but don’t forget to relax. I used to stress so much over every single thing and I got white hairs at age 22 and only now I have learned my lesson: yes, work hard, but good things take time. If you don’t get immediate results don’t despair, don’t lose trust, if results don’t come so what? Start over, you can do anything while you are alive and well but you need to take a break once in a while and do something for yourself. Go on a nice family vacation, go on a romantic trip with your significant other, go on a city break with friends, go on a one-day trip by yourself. And this is where my travel guides come in handy. They are written for millennials by a millennial. Easy reads (because you don’t need anything complex when your lifestyle is complex enough anyway) which teach you how to make the most out of your time and budget. I want other people to learn from my mistakes and to benefit from the lessons I have learned.

Proud to announce that Holiday on my Mind received its first award ever! The Liebster Award! So happy!