5 Reasons to go on a family vacation

“I think togetherness is a very important ingredient to family life” (Barbara Bush). This is why moments when you get to bond with the dear ones are the key to a happy family. 

  1. To spend time together – It is difficult to spend time with the dear ones when you have busy schedules, but its always good to slow down and catch up once in a while.
  2. To celebrate a special event – what makes a special event even more special is celebrating it with the special ones. That cold bottle of Proseco will taste even better when served on holiday (true story bro’).10494423_828722337179277_4846361524438433897_o
  3. To make up for when you are not at home – if you are not living with your parents any more and especially if you are living in a different city or country, you probably don’t get to be around their house too often, so this will be a great way to balance the situation.
  4. To make new memories – A fun holiday will inevitably help you form memories which you will treasure forever. Take pictures to immortalize these memories but be careful – watching these pictures might make you really nostalgic in time!
  5. To charge your batteries – you deserve a break from your busy life. Charge your batteries in a quiet place. Somewhere by the sea perhaps?

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