5 Reasons Why Maldives is on my Bucket List

What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you think about Maldives? It’s water hotels and endless beaches for me. I have always wanted to wake up on the ocean, which is why I would love stay at one of those hotels, but there are more reasons for which Maldives is a priority on my bucket list.

1. To see some of the most beautiful beaches in the world – and read my favourite book in the shade of the Palm trees

Photo Credit Alberto Ziveri/Photo Source: Flickr/Creative Commons/Licence Here

2. For water sports – have you ever wondered how it must feel like to dive with a manta rays or whale sharks? If that sounds to scary, you can check out the Fotteyo snorkelling and diving site and explore aquatic caves and gaze at corals.

3. For marine life – Hanifaru Huraa is a Unesco World Biosphere Reserve in Baa, Maldives and it is a feeding and breading area for the whale sharks and manta rays. Are you into sharks? In Maldives you have the chance to see a Hammer – Head Shark, salt water crocodiles and giant turtles.

Photo Credit Thomas Nilsson/Photo Source: Flickr/Creative Commons/Licence Here

4. For exotic food – which is strongly influenced by the cuisine from Sri Lanka, Arabia and India. Maldives is mostly water so fish is an important ingredient in the local dishes. Coconuts are popular too and apart from using them for milk and oil, in Maldives they are also served in grated form. Some of the meals you should try are: Mas Huni  for breakfast (it consists of shredded smoked fish with onion and grated coconuts) Garudhiya (a fish based meal with onions, rice, chilly and lime), Kulhi Boakiba for desert (a fish cake).

5. To wake up in a water bungalow – and have the turquoise water be the first thing I see when I open my eyes.

Photo Credit Roderick Time/Photo Source Flickr/Creative Commons/Licence Here

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