Best Meal in Bologna

We all know that Italian food rules, but you can’t put all Italian food under the same “umbrella” and simply label it as Italian food because the traditional cuisine differs very much from region to region. For example, specialities in the north contain a lot of meats and especially mince, while traditional food in the south contains sea food.

Disclaimer: This blog post is not suitable for vegetarians. 

The Red City (nickname for Bologna) is the capital of the Norhern Italian Region, Emilia-Romagna and the meals are worth of a prestigious city like Bologna. Here is what you should try if you are around:

Parma ham – rather than being cooked the meath is dried in salt for a couple of weeks and then aged for at least another 10 weeks. A platter of cold meets served with jam are a very popular started so give it a go if you are not vegetarian.


Mortadella – a spicy pork sausage.

Parmigiano Reggiano – Locally made Parmigiano.

Tagliatelle al ragù – The Ragù sauce is made from minced beef and pork, onions, carrots and tomatoes. It is served over Tagliatelle and it tastes divine!10943137_933738263344350_551140120_n

Tortellini in Brodo – you have probably tried stored bought tortellini before, but imagine how they taste when they are freshly made!


Lasagne al forno – made with Ragù sauce, bechamel and Parmigiano

Cotoletta alla bolognese – Veal slices are dipped in beaten egg, bread crumbs and “decorated” with a slice of cheese and a slice of prosciutto and are then fried in BUTTER.

Gelatto – Italian term for ice cream. Italian ice cream has gained world-wide fame for its taste and consistency and the ice cream you can find in Bologna makes no exception. img_5454

Bologna has a lot more delicious meals, but I wanted to list only my top picks for you. I will now end this blog post here because writing this made me super hungry. I was planning to cook some chicken but I am craving tortellini like crazy now. I see pasta in your future too. Bon appetito!

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and that it will help you when you visit Bologna. Holiday on my Mind makes no profit from this blog. The purpose is to help fellow travellers to plan their holidays wisely and to help them make the most out of their trips, so please help us reach more people by sharing this blog post on any social media channel or by hitting the follow button.


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