7 Signs Which Show That You Need to Go on a Romantic Escapade This Year

In the fast paced environment of the 21st Century, we seem to have time for the things we need to do and too little time for the things we want to do. We often end up spending more time with our co-workers than with our dear ones and we hardly get to have some quality time with them at the end of a stressful week. Do you find yourself in this situation? Read these signs that show that it’s time for a romantic escapade and learn to make time for the things that matter.

  1. You never unplug – even if you have a fix schedule at work, some jobs require you  to be available 24/7 (even if you didn’t sign up for this it may just be one of those unwritten rules). So even when you get home and you could spend the evening interacting with your significant other, you need to keep the phone with you because you and respond to emails.
  2. You are in a long distance relationship – you only get to see your partner once in a while so when you do make sure you get the most out of it. Be selfish and keep all the fun to yourselves by having a weekend isolated from everything and from all.
  3. There is always something to do at home – didn’t you notice that even if you plan to have a relaxing weekend at home, you will still find stuff to do? You need to cook, do the dishes, clean the house, wipe the dust, the two of you can’t stay still. Go on a trip to stay away from any temptation of doing anything but relax and enjoy your time together.
  4. You are both tired of your daily routines – it sometimes gets boring to always do the same things, see the same things, be spontaneous and prepare a surprise trip for your partners, if they like surprises, or plan something together if they don’t.
  5. You miss your last romantic escapade – memories are great but it’s time to build some new ones.
  6. You recently had a fight or an argument – what better way of ending a conflict that by having a romantic trip?
  7. You spend more time with your co-workers than with your partner. If you have a 9 to 5 jobs it is easy to spend more time with the people your work with than with the person you chose to spend your life with. Change this by going on a romantic city break with the one you love.Liked this blog post? Follow us to be notified when we publish similar ones.

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