3 Realistic Reasons why Blogging is the Best Job

Last week I wrote about the challenges of being a blogger. This week I would like to share with your guys the perks of being a travel blogger (while staying realistic). If you think that blogging is about “making money while sleeping”, “nap money”, “make money from home while doing nothing” (yes, there are people who say this sort of stuff) think twice. Blogging is super hard work – I worked my a*s off last week to get 111 Facebook shares and 100 Re-Pins, not to mention the hours of work behind producing the materials I promoted. But you know what? I was so happy when I saw the amount of shares that the effort didn’t matter. Yes, this is the realistic side of blogging, it is hard but it pays off. Here is how…

1. It enables me to combine my greatest passions: travelling the world and writing. I believe I was lucky enough to be born in a century where travel is accessible to most people and writing is even more accessible. Everyone can write and publishing your work is as easy as the click of a mouse but producing good content that’s worth reading and building a loyal audience is a real challenge.14232571_737626856376327_7605894565568813117_n

2. It challenges my creative side. While I was in school I really struggled to get good grades, I had to do math exercises all day and practice all weekend to have good grades, just because my brain doesn’t operate with numbers and I needed a lot of effort to keep up with the system. I felt stupid for years because I struggled with a lot of subjects that were imposed by the curriculum. Little did I know at that time that “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” (Anonymous). Luckily enough, a few years ago I discovered my creative side, I discovered that writing comes natural to me and I also found out totally by accident in a creative media class at uni, that I love editing videos and pictures.

3. You can help others. When I write I always think will this be worth reading? will it help the reader in any way? will it inspire them? . Thos are questions only you, the precious reader, can answer, but I really want to share my passion with the world and inspire other to have the courage to go out and explore the beautiful world we live in.

I would mention “making money” as one of the perks but I am not making money from blogging. I don’t have ads or affiliate links and I don’t do sponsored posts – yet. Right now I am channeling all my energy into producing inspiring, useful and qualitative content for my readers – so you can benefit from it for free.

If you found this blog post inspiring, please share it with your friend and follow my blog via email or via the follow button! Thanks for reading!


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