A Travel Blogger’s New Year Resolutions + FREE New Year Resolutions Template

With 2016 coming to an end we all think about our New Year resolutions (admit it, you have a list of 2017 plans/to do/goals or you are working on one). Just as everyone else, I thought I would clear my thoughts, draw the line to see what I have achieved over the past year and get some clear objectives for the year to come.

2017 Objectives

  1. Monetize blog – get my first cheque (can be any amount)
  2. Write guest post – at least one but preferably three
  3. Carry out at least one interview
  4. Get 10k on at least one social media platform (preferably Twitter and Facebook)
  5. Increase page views – currently (average) 30 page views per day -> goal 100/day.
  6. Write Press Release
  7. Create Marketing Strategy (using the template byRossana – her templates are so useful, her templates helped me create a badass business plan)
  8. Put tag strategy in order
  9. Create Travel Resources category

And this is how I am going to (hopefully) reach my goals:


  1. Monetize blog
  • Get tax advice
  • Google Ad sense
  • Sponsored posts
  • Affiliate links
  1. Write guest post
  • Interact with other bloggers
  • Keep an eye on offer on Facebooking groups for bloggers
  1. Carry out interview
  • Create easy to complete form with headlines and questions
  • Promote opportunity on Facebook through promotion groups, friends and acquaintances.
  1. Get 10k followers
  • Facebook promotion groups
  • Online interaction
  • Contests (voucher/freebie giveaways when reaching the goal etc.)
  1. Increase page views
  • Guest blogging
  • Interviews
  • Social media
  • Newsletters
  • Freebies
  1. Write Press Release
  • Blog values
  • Goals
  • Story behind

As promised, here is your New Year Resolutions Template. Happy New Year!

I want to spend the cheer so I am giving away some gifts – Download my Holiday Special Freebie Pack (free for a limited period of time so hurry)

Have suggestions? Contact me. Like my work? Work with me.


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