The Ultimate 2016 Christmas Market Guide (+FREE ebook)

Guys, I am SO excited for Christmas! I can’t even begin to describe how excited I am to  celebrate Christmas with the dear ones, to listen to Carols, eat traditional food, wrap up in a blanket and sip hot chocolate next to the Christmas tree and to check out as many Christmas markets as possible!

I am sure you love Christmas markets at least as much as I do, which is why I decided to launch The Ultimate 2016 Christmas Market Guide. This means that each week I will be posting a special blog post about the best Christmas Markets to visit this year:

14 November: Germany’s Top Christmas Markets

21 November: France’s Top Christmas Markets

28 November: Belgium’s Top Christmas Markets

5 December: Switzerland’s Top Christmas Markets

12 December: England’s Top Christmas Markets (+exclusive live streaming for Holiday on my Mind subscribers, from the Canterbury, London and Birmingham Christmas markets)

19: December: Austria’s Top Christmas Markets

On the 1st of December, Holiday on my Mind subscribers will receive a free copy of the ebook: The Ultimate 2016 Christmas Market Guide (you need to be a subscriber by the end of November) which can also be purchase for £15 by non subscribers but why not get it for free?! (subscribe here – to complete the subscription process you need to click the confirm subscription button in your inbox). 

Cover photo credit: Jennicatpin/Flickr/Creative Commons (licence here).


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