Austria’s Top Christmas Markets

Austria's Top Christmas Markets

Christmas markets are an old tradition in Austria. They can be traced back to the Middle Ages. In 1298 Albrecht I  allowed the citizens of Vienna to hold a Krippenmarkt (December Market). Even if the market has changed over the years, traditions have been adapted to fit modern days but they still occupy a very special place in the heart of every Austrian and not only. Visitors from all over the world come to Austria every year to enjoy the festive season at some of the country’s most magical Christmas Markets.

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1. Vienna

The most famous Krippenmarkt of Vienna is held in front of the City Hall. You will come for the traditional Christmas market treats but the carol concerts will make you stay – the international choir will make you wish you had better singing abilities so you can join them on tour, but don’t worry, I think it is all right if you sing along from your seat. There is something for the little ones to do as well. On the ground floor of the City Hall there are special cooking and crafts workshops for kids. They will learn how to make biscuits and candles and that is all you need for a perfect evening. The market is open from 12 November to 24 December.  

Austria's Top Christmas Markets
Photo Credit: Gabriel Hess/Flickr/Creative Commons (licence here)


2. Salzburg

Take a walk over the hills of Salzburg and then let hunger and the church bells invite you back into the centre where you can find the tastiest Christmassy treats. It will be hard to stop eating once you try the roasted chestnuts and almonds, the baked apples and the Austrian gingerbread. Buy some tree ornaments, some toys for the little ones and some mulled wine for the adult in you.

3. Innsbruck

The Christmas markets in Innsbruck are said to be the most charming in the entire Alpine region but there is a particular one that got my attention: the Old Town Christmas Market. I promise that the Old Town Christmas Market is my favourite  not only because I love historic places, even if the famous Golden Roof and the well preserved medieval facades definitely stole my heart but also because of the million dollars view over the Alps. Have some Kiachln (similar to donuts) and wash it down with Glühwein (mulled wine). The market is open from 15 November to 6 January.

Austria's Top Christmas Markets
Jack Torcello/Flickr/Creative Commons (licence here)

4. Linz 

What about a baroque style Christmas market? That’s pretty unique isn’t it? And the style is not the only unique thing at the Christmas market in Linz’s main square. Try the local speciality Linzer Torte and ginger bread while admire the city’s skyline which successfully combines the old and the new in an Pinterest worthy scenery. The market is open from 19 November to 24 December. 

5. Graz

 Graz is another popular destinations among those who are searching for the most authentic gifts and for the best gingerbread bite. In 1996, Graz gained a new attraction: a beautiful nativity scene carved in ice which is carefully placed in Landhaushof, the city’s Renaissance  yard. In the Franciscan Quarter of the Old Town you can explore a very traditional Christmas market which is located around the…Franciscan church. The market offers a rich variety of handcrafts, organic specialities, heart-warming Glühwein (you should know what it means by now – mulled wine), Punsch and plenty of entertainment for children, such as carousels and toys. The market is open from 18 November to 24 December. 
Photo Credit: Marian Cristache

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