Bergamo, Italy: Expect the Unexpected!

Ceiling! Ceiling!

Honestly, if only I did not miss my train to Portofino for the summer getaway, I would have never heard of Bergamo. To my surprise, Bergamo gives very different vibes from the prominent Milan or Verona nearby. And in a good way, I feel Bergamo is actually a bit under the radar for most travellers.

Street of Bergamo! Street of Bergamo!

Located just 50km northeast of Milan, Bergamo boasts the combination of impressive mountainous nature and the beautifully preserved old town. It is divided into two distinctive parts; the lower city is the modern centre of Bergamo, and the upper city is the medieval city encircled by the defensive walls. The two parts of the city are well connected by the funicular.

Bergamo! Bergamo!

I spent most of my day getting lost in the upper city while strolling narrow streets which are lined-up with colourful buildings. It was full of quaint shops and…

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