The dream holiday. How to plan it?

It is important to stay organized when you go on a trip, especially if it is somewhere you have never been before. Here is a list of a few easy but important steps which can help you make the most out of your holiday.11805771_1045183782199797_1034402788_n

  1. Choose when you want to go on your trip
  2. Decide where you want to go
  3. Transport:
  4. a) How to get to the destination- decide if it is better for you to go by car, bus, train or plane and buy tickets in advance.
  5. b) Getting around- see which is the best way to get around the area you are visiting. Maybe you will have to rent a car or use your own, or maybe it is better to choose public transport? Whatever it is, look at routes, directions and prices before you get to the destination. This way you save time when you get there and the chances of getting lost are lower.
  6. Do your homework- it feels good to know some information about the places you will see on your trip so do some research about them before you go. What I really enjoy to do is dedicate notebook for a certain country. On one side of the notebook I write information about the cities which I want to visit in that country, as well as information about the local touristic attractions. When I get to the destination I keep a holiday journal and I write some of the nicest things we saw and did each day. On the other side of the notebook I write basic words in the language of the country I will visit. You don’t have to become fluent in that language but locals will really appreciate it if you try to speak their language. Not to mention that it is useful in case you need to ask a local who doesn’t speak English, where is the best place to eat or visit.
  7. Pack wisely

Make sure you have the things you need the most but do not take the whole closet with you. You are going on a holiday not on the cat walk, unless of course you are a model and you are actually travelling to a fashion show.

  1. Leave on time

Go to the airport or train station on time, you don’t want to start your holiday with running after the bus, train or plane. Try to apply the same rules even if you are travelling with your own car.

  1. Take pictures but don’t spend to much time trying to take the perfect shot and edit pictures on your holiday. You will forget to admire the real view if you spend too much time looking at it on your screen.
  2. Have fun!

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