15 Reasons why Greece is your Monday Motivation

I need some Monday motivation and I am sure you need some too unless you are rich so here is a nice list for everyone. Enjoy and work hard to see these places, it’s totally worth it!

1. Pelion is a mountainous peninsula in the centre of Greece and it is a great place for exploring all year round.

2. Its amazing forms of relief encourage a large variety of activities, from water sports in the warm season, to winter sports in the cold months.

3. It is the perfect place for snorkelling (just look at the picture above)

4. It has a healthy climate, due to the combination between the wooded mountains and the Aegean Sea. In winter, even if mountains are covered in snow, the influence of the sea does not let the temperature go below 7- 6 degrees Celsius/ 42- 44 degrees Fahrenheit.

5. The architecture is like nothing you have ever seen before! The villages are spread all over the mountainous area and most of the houses, the old and the newer ones, are built, or at least covered in rock. In the traditional villages you will even find houses with stone roofs which do not let the temperature inside vary too much around the year, so the stone will keep a warm temperature in winter and a cool one in summer.

6. It doesn’t scream TOURISTIC AREA. Yes there are quite a lot of tourists here but nothing compared to overly populated touristic places, plus most of the tourists are greeks so you will actually feel like you are in…Greece. Not to mention that since greek people come here it means it is a really good place to visit, I mean it’s their country, of course the greek people will know all the best hotspots.

7. You can experience tradition. Some of the most popular places in Pelion are: Makrinitsa Village, Milles, Tsagarada, old villages where you will fall in love with Greek traditions.

8. The locals are friendly.

9. You can even get free drinks (sometimes). Go to any restaurant you like, and try Uzo, the traditional Greek alcoholic drink; many times you will actually have the chance to try it for free- “from the house”.

10. Sunbathe on exotic beaches. Go to Mylopotamos beach, Agios Ioannis beach and many others, where you can try snorkeling in the turquoise water, or rent a kayak and paddle along the coast. Don’t forget! Volos is one of the largest towns in Pelion and from there, you can take one of the daily ferries to other Greek islands: Skiathos, Skopelos, Taionissos.


11. Quality Sea food

12. More food – quality for great prices. For a table of 4 we were paying around 60 euros for starters, main courses, desert and alcoholic beverages.


13. The music is great.

14. The movie Mama Mia was filmed here.

15. There are a lot of cats around.



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