Why & How to Subscribe

I know that most of the sites you visit these days ask you to subscribe, to leave your email for this and that and most of the time your email address gets sold to advertisers and you end up having so much spam email in your inbox that you don’t know what to do with it. But listen. This blog is nothing like that. Here is why you should subscribe:

  1. COVER 5 new.jpgYou get freebiesThe A to Z Guide to Planning the Dream Holiday will be all yours. The ebook covers all the important aspects of planing a holiday and all you need to do in order to make the most out of your well deserved break. 

  2. No spam – I will never EVER sell your email address so you don’t have to worry about receiving adverts on your email. 

  3. More free content – instead of paying for a travel guides you can read and download the ones I write for free.

  4. The content is varied – and appropriate for all types of travellers, here you can find everything for every taste.

  5. Get daily travel inspiration.

So here is how to subscribe. Well you actually have two options:

  1. To subscribe to my mailing list: you can do so by clicking here. Simply enter your name and email address and hit subscribe. You will then need to check your email and click on the link you received to confirm that you want to be subscribed. After you subscribe, I will personally send you the ebook: The A to Z Guide to Planning the Dream Holiday and you will receive a newsletter once in a couple of weeks.
  1. To follow the blog. If you are a logged in to WordPress, press the follow button and you will see what I post in your reader. If you are not logged into WordPress, you can follow my blog by entering your email address. This way, you will receive a notification when I post something interesting.



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