6 Things Travel Addicts Are Sick of Hearing

6 Things Travel Addicts Are Sick of Hearing

Aren’t we all lucky to be born in a century when travel is accessible to more and more people? I moved away from home, away from all the dear ones, to the other corner of the continent at age 18 with one purpose: to travel the world. I can’t imagine living in a single corner of the universe anymore and it is weird to me when people don’t understand why. Check out the list below. Do you feel the same way?

  1. Did you thought about getting a real job? Yes and no. The idea of having financial stability, a comfy job you go to everyday you know, the things which make us feel like responsible adults, the idea of having a full time job also means routine and the R word doesn’t sounds very appealing to those who are used to wake up in a different place almost every day.

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  2. So…when are you going to settle down? Even though you miss your family and home because you are on the go all the time, those who love exploring the world don’t want to think about settling down just yet.
  3. How can you afford it? Hard work and extreme savings (maybe I take the savings game to extreme but in winter I wear two shirts, one jumper and one fake fur jacket to save on heating)

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  4. When I was your age, I already had children and a career – yeah, but when you were my age things were different.
  5. Why do you travel so much? – because it makes me happy, is that a good enough reason to you?

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  6. Don’t you get home sick? – travelling doesn’t mean things are perfect all the time. just like all other things in life, travelling has it’s downsides too and one of the biggest ones is being away from the dear ones a lot, but the experience is worth it. Travelling doesn’t mean that you dislike your home or you are trying to get away from your family and your “normal” life, it means you want to explore what else is out there.

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9 thoughts on “6 Things Travel Addicts Are Sick of Hearing

  1. This makes a lot of sense! Getting the same old questions has to be so tiresome. The traveling lifestyle sounds so cool and I think it’s just interesting to learn more about it from an outside perspective.

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