The Challenges of Being a Travel Blogger

Being a travel blogger is not always as glamorous as portrayed on Pinterest or Instagram. And don’t get me wrong, I love being a travel blogger with its ups and downs but in case you are thinking about making a debut in the world of travel blogging, here are some things you need to know…

1. Not all travel bloggers earn $10.000+/month. In fact most travel bloggers, like myself don’t earn anything apart from the joy you get from doing something you love. I actually work two jobs and write blog posts when I have a little bit of free time because doing it gives me energy. Of course earning some sort of income from writing is the dream of every blogger but it’s like a lottery in a way: you have to put everything into it, your time, your energy, your effort, your money and hope for the best. 

2. Same for travelling the world for free. This is another misconception related to travel blogging. Bloggers are seen as the people with the perfect job but most of us self fund our trips and there is a small, very small percentage of bloggers who are paid to go to different destinations and write reviews for money. These are usually the famous bloggers who worked really hard to get there. If you don’t love blogging enough to do it even if you know that your effort might never pay off, its not worth doing it only for the benefits because if they don’t come, you will feel frustrated and you will feel like it was a total waste of time.

3. You have to be ready for the rejections. When you are not a famous blogger and when you don’t have thousands of social media followers, you will do everything you can to get a little bit of traffic on your blog, just so that the effort you put into writing blog posts is not in vain and at least a few people see them. I tried to collaborate with more experienced travel bloggers and influencers and I spent a couple of hours one day messaging individual bloggers about a collaboration proposal. I even wrote an ebook and sent it to them as a thank you in advance for their help and I only got three answers. One was a no, one was a maybe (that turned into a no) and the other one was a grumpy message. I also messaged travel bloggers who followed me back on Twitter and who seemed to have a similar amount of followers as me, to ask if they are interested in cross promotion and not a single one of them got back to me. This is just part of the ride. Be prepared for the bumps in the road or don’t drive at all.

4. Being prepared for disappointment. I once wrote a blog post about my favourite airline, explaining the 12 reasons for which I like them so much. It wasn’t a sponsored post (it means they didn’t pay me to do it), it was genuine and I was hoping that they would notice it and maybe write me a thank you message or at least like my blog post since it was free advertisement for them…Maybe I was annoying but I wrote on their wall to thank them for the great service and posted a link to the blog post. I am not going to hide it, I actually took it a bit personal but hey as I said above, it is part of the fun.

13578911_1245962325455274_412536054_n.jpgI love blogging with its ups and downs and there are some great benefits even for beginners. Find out what those cool advantages are from my next blog posts. Hit the follow button to get a friendly notification when it’s up, or subscribe to my monthly newsletter to get some freebies. Thanks for reading and don’t forget – sharing is caring.


3 thoughts on “The Challenges of Being a Travel Blogger

  1. I have dreamed of becoming a travel blogger when I was still young, but raising a family was the obstacle I had to face so this dream took a back seat in my life. I am happy that you are able to follow your dream. Wishing you more success! Thanks for this informative article. I am sure a lot of newbie travel bloggers will find it useful.

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