5 things full time travel has ruined for you

But you are totally ok with them…or not?

  1. You don’t feel like you belong anywhere anymore – because all the places you have seen are beautiful in their own way and you feel like different bits of your personality belong in different places. For you there is not such thing as one size (to read one place) fits all, at least not anymore.
  2. You dislike routine – “what, you mean waking up everyday to do the same things over and over again is a thing? how can everybody deal with that? I wouldn’t be able to”.
  3. The idea of waiting a whole year for a one week vacay just doesn’t feel right – join the club, some of us have to deal with it and have to save money to travel.
  4. You are always home sick – if you are away from your “real” home you are obviously home sick but being at your “real” home is not helping much either because your heart feels at home in multiple places so you are home sick for many places and as you can’t be in more places at once (at least not physically) you are home sick pretty much all the time. On the other hand, the whole world is your home so at least you are the type of person who finds a little bit of home everywhere you go.
  5. Going to the same place for holiday every year doesn’t get you too excited – it is hard to understand why it is a good idea to see the same places when there is so much more to explore out there.

Did I miss out on anything? Please do let me know in the comment section below and help me come up with a part two 😉


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