20 Things to See in Bologna

My sister liked Bologna so much she wants to go to move there. I would like to move there too but I don’t know Italian so holidays will have to suffice. Bologna is a small city with a lot of charm.

1. San Petronio Basilica – the largest brick church in the world. It is also the 10th largest church in the world, measuring 132 metres long and 66 metres wide. The vault reaches 45 metres inside and 51 metres in the facade. The basilica (Italian term for church) is dedicated to Saint Petronius, who was the bishop of Bologna in the 5th century and who is now the patron saint of the city. The construction was a communal project which symbolised communal power. Vacanta vara 2014 Italia 044

2. Fontana del Nettuno (Neptune’s Fountain) – a 16th Century bronze statue. It is located in one of Bologna’s main square’s, named after the fountain which was built in 1566. The design of the statue was the work of the Palermitan architect Tommaso.

3. Piazza Maggiore – a central square in Bologna. It’s current appearance reflects the way the square looked like in the 15th century. A lot of history, a lot of memories. 10912819_933750253343151_627601600_n

4. Archiginnasio of Bologna – one of the most important buildings in the city and once the main building of University of Bologna. It now houses the  Archiginnasio Municipal Library and the Anatomical Theatre.Vacanta vara 2014 Italia 061

5. Santo Stefano – It is a complex of religious edifices located in Piazza Santo Stefano.  Saint Petronius, built the basilica over a temple of the goddess Isis. The saint wished to have a building that was similar to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

6. Pinacoteca Nazionale di Bologna (The National Art Gallery of Bologna) – to admire a collection of Emilian paintings from the 13th to the 18th century and other art pieces made by by artists who were in some way related to the city.The building also houses the Academy of Fine Arts.

7. Sanctuary of the Madonna of San Luca – a basilica located south-west of the historical centre of Bologna, 300 metres above the city plan.1623452_830565813661596_6795167795216672081_n

8. The Museum of Modern Art – which houses an impressive collection of 3.500 items of modern and contemporary ar.

9. Certosa di Bologna – a former Carthusian monastery,founded in 1334 and suppressed in 1797.

10. Palazzo d’Accursio (Accursio Palace) – it started as the residence of the Roman jurist Accursius (1182 – 1263), it then housed major administrative offices and even the Town Hall until 2008. It now has a different purpose: to house the Civic Art Collection, which includes paintings from the Middle Ages to the 19th century, the Museo Morandi, with Giorgio Morandi’s works and the Biblioteca Salaborsa, the town libraries.

11. The International Museum and Library of Music – located in the famous Palazzo Sanguinett.

12. Palazzo dei Notai – built in 1381 by the city’s notaries


13. Ducati Museum – if you love motorcycles you will truly appreciate this transport museum.

14. The Towers of Bologna – in the Middle Ages, Bologna’s skyline was dominated by intimidating towers, built to symbolise the power and wealth of the richest families of the city. So if you were a rich local, you would want to build a big tower so that everyone can see how much money you had. The bigger the better basically. Unfortunately, most of the towers didn’t made it to modern days, but we can admire the ones that are still standing. My family and I actually visited one of them: Torre degli Asinelli.Vacanta vara 2014 Italia 093

15. Asinelli Tower – located in Piazza Ravegnana. The tower was built between the XII and XIII Century and like the other towers, apart from symbolising wealth it also had a military and civic purpose. The view from the top makes climbing the 497 steps worth it and it makes you understand why the nickname of the city is The Red City – because of the construction materials and especially the roof tops are red or shades of red.

16. Basilica di San Domenico – one of the richest churches in Bologna in terms of history and art.

17. Bologna Cathedral – which is dedicated to Saint Peter and it is the seat and the metropolitan cathedral of the Archbishop of Bologna.

18. Anfiteatro Anatomico de Padua – an imposant medieval construction.

19. Palazo Re Enzo – it was build between 1233 and 1246 and it take its name from Frederick II’s son, Enzio of Sardinia, who was held prisoner here from 1249 until his death in 1272.


20. Basilica di Santa Maria dei Servi  of the Blessed Virgin Mary – Roman Catholic church, founded in 1346.  10616239_830565810328263_7049762605800612771_n

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and that it will help you when you visit Bologna. Holiday on my Mind makes no profit from this blog. The purpose is to help fellow travellers to plan their holidays wisely and to help them make the most out of their trips, so please help us reach more people by sharing this blog post on any social media channel or by hitting the follow button.



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