5 Travel Habits You Should Pick Up

As I am siting on the plane, flying from England to Romania I realised something. For most of us, a holiday is the highlight of the year, something we look forward to and for which we wait with great excitement, which is exactly why we are hoping to have the times of our lives when we go on holiday and enjoy every single moment.

We read all the possible travel guides, articles over articles with “what to eat” and “what to see”, “things to do here” , “things to do there”, “don’t miss this” and “don’t miss that, which puts pressure on us and instead of taking the time to assimilate what we see and have a good time, we spend our time running from place to place in a rush to tick as many things of the list as possible. But unfortunately, there is only so much you can do in a limited amount of time. This is a fact and we must learn to accept and to embrace it. Here are a few habits of people who know how to relax and have a good time on holiday. I hope they will help you feel more relax when you travel.

1. Pick YOUR favourites – travel guides offer a lot of options for things to do and see in certain places and in case you are going on holiday to a very popular travel destination the chances are that the amount of options will be overwhelming. Before your trip, do your research, make a list of the top attractions and taking into consideration the amount of time you are spending at your destination, decide how many of those attractions you will see. Read as many things about these attractions as possible and choose your favourites, customise your options and make your own travel plan (if you need help with doing that, send an email to holidayonmymind.com mentioning where you are going, tell us what type of attractions interest you and how much time you are spending in that location and we are going to create a personalised list of options just for you)
2. Mix and match – it’s best to keep your options as varied as possible so pick different range of activities. For example if one day you are going to an art gallery and you will spend the day in, try to do something outdoors that evening, a walk around the local community or perhaps going to an outdoor museum the next day, to a water park or whatever you fancy.14233618_1302046383180201_738053238_o
3. Don’t stress with time – aren’t you tired of keeping an eye on the clock every other day of the year? You are on holiday now, there is no such thing as “I have to”, it is all about “I want to” and when you have the freedom to do what you like you can do it at your own pace. You will realise how good it feels to loose the notion of time once in a while when you will try it.
4. Have a slow breakfast – now this doesn’t mean that you have to stay in your PJ’s until noon when you can very well do that at home (but of course it’s nothing wrong if you want to do it, is all about what you like), but not having to rush with your coffee and breakfast like you would have to on a regular morning will feel pretty good. My favourite thing to do is sip coffee after breakfast and chat with my travel companions for at least an hour. Why don’t you have coffee at a local terrace while you glance at locals and pretend you are one yourself?IMG_3770.JPG
5. Be with the people who are there – don’t spend hours and hours on social media or taking to exchanging messages with people who are not there because first of all is disrespectful towards your travel companions and second of all you can talk in more detail with them when you get back into your normal routine, they will certainly understand.

Great place for family pictures, you know

And whatever you do, just have fun!


One thought on “5 Travel Habits You Should Pick Up

  1. I love love love the breakfast tip. I always take my time and have log 2-hours breakfast, chatting with the locals or with other tourists from the hotel. I met so many wonderul people over a cup of coffee at breakfast.


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